[j-nsp] Problem in creating DSO interfaces in M40e

vinay pit vinay_pit at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 15 02:56:16 EST 2006

Dear All

I am doing a setup on a Juniper box M40e.There is a
Channalized OC3 interface , i have partitioned it into
3 OC1 interfaces 

"set interfaces coc3-7/0/0 partition 1 oc-slice 1
interface-type coc1"

I have further partitioned each OC1 interface to 24
channalized T1 DS interfaces ,

"set interface coc1-7/0/0:1 partition 1 interface-type

 each channalized T1 DS i have partitioned into 5
partitions and having 1-4 timeslots each.

"set interfaces ct1-7/0/0:1:1 partition 1 timeslots
1-4 interface-type ds"

I had read in a document that the maximum DS0
interfaces supported on M40e is only 336. Is it true?.
How is this figure achieved ?

If I go according to my calculation, the total DS
interfaces will be 3 X 24 X 5 = 360.

Thers is also a limitation on the spliting of the
channalized T1 DS ... I first tried 28 , it gave me a

user at juniper# commit
[edit interfaces ct1-7/0/0:1:25]
  'partition 25'
    Out of range DS0 partition number
error: configuration check-out failed


I initially calcuated as follows 
3 X 28 X 1 (DS partition)X 4(time-slot) =  336

Please can any one help me out with this problem
Also let me know the limit to configure the DS0
interfaces on M40e.


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