[j-nsp] V.35 cables compatibility with j-series routers.

Sean Clarke sean at clarke-3.demon.nl
Tue Jul 4 03:20:02 EDT 2006

Hi Vladimir,

  I wouldn't think so - on both cables the V35 bit is compatible, i.e.
  j2300 - juniper V35 - cisco V35 - Cwhatever

  But I believe you will find Cisco use proprietary pins on the 60 pin
  end (as do Juniper)


Not so long ago you wrote : 
VSB> Hello, does anybody knows if Cisco`s CAB-V35FC and CAB-V35MT are
VSB> compatible with j-series routers serial interfaces (for example to
VSB> connect j2300 - CAB-V35FC - CAB-V35MT - j2300)?

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