[j-nsp] OSPF getting stuck in EXCHANGE

Abhishek Verma abhishekv.verma at gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 21:11:46 EDT 2006


I am using Juniper version 7.3R3.6 and a C box.

The network has around 10K OSPF LSAs. My problem is that the OSPF adjacency
is not coming up and its getting stuck in the Exchange state on a Cisco. The
Juniper receives a few DD packets without any problems and then suddenly
misses a DD packet. The Cisco readvertises that, yet Juniper never recieves
that and keeps advertising the missing DD packet. C continually resends it
but the J box is never able to receive it.

This works if i convert the area into stubby or NSSA as the DD exchange then
is not so prolonged.

Is this a known issue with Juniper and can something be done about this?

Then sometimes i have also seen negative sequence numbers in the DD exchange
from Juniper.

Any clues anybody?


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