[j-nsp] Resolving BGP routes using LDP tunnels

Abhishek Verma abhishekv.verma at gmail.com
Thu Jul 13 07:48:38 EDT 2006


I have a doubt with using BGP and it recursively resolving the
next-hops using MPLS tunnels.

R1 -- R2 -- R3

I am running LDP between R1, R2 and R3 and R1 is aware of R3's
loopback address to mpls label binding because of LDP.

Now, i am running BGP between R1 and R3. There are some routes
advertised by R3 to R1, with R1's NEXT_HOP.

Is it possible for R1 to use the labelled path from R1 to R3 when
recursively resolving the next-hops for the BGP learnt routes.

I know that this happens when there exists an RSVP tunnel from R1 to
R3. My question is that will this also work for LDP exchanged labels?


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