[j-nsp] Juniper m320

Andrew Geriner AGeriner at CanvasSystems.com
Mon Jul 17 11:14:29 EDT 2006

To all:

Please see my previous post, but we now only have (1) Juniper M320 left 
for sale.  Once again the unit is fully tested, refurbished, and in our 
test center ready for audit / inspection if you would like to visit us and 
immediate delivery.  Here is the configuration and price, please contact 
me directly if you'd like to speak more, and thanks.

M320BASE-AC             M320 Base Unit w/ Control Board, Routing Engine
RE-1600-2048            Redundant Routing engine 1.6 Ghz
CB-M                    Redundant Control Board
M320-FPC1               Flexible PIC Concentrator 1
M320-FPC2               Flexible PIC Concentrator 2
3 x M320-FPC3           Flexible PIC Concentrator 3
3 x PB-1GE-SFP  1Gigabit SFP PIC
PB-TUNNEL               Tunnel Services PIC
6 x PC-1XGE-XENPAK      1Gigabit Xenpak PIC
3 x SFP-1GE-LX          1Gig Ethernet SFP
6 x XENPAK-1XGE-SR      10G SR Xenpak

Juniper List  $ 1,486,985

Canvas Price $ 550,184.45  (63% discount off list)

Andrew Geriner
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