[j-nsp] Multicast without tunnel pic

Raniery Pontes raniery at rnp.br
Tue Jul 18 19:06:41 EDT 2006


 we´ve got some M320´s configured to run multicast (IGMP+PIM-SM). There 
is also a static Rendeszvous Point running on a Cisco router.

AFAIK, when multicast distribution trees are built, there are some steps 
where packet encapsulation is needed. But I believe it only happens with 
traffic from multicast *sources* and not multicast *receivers* (which 
only need to send IGMP joins).

Then my question is:  Is it possible to run multicast sources and/or  
multicast receivers connected directly to these routers, without a 
tunnel PIC?

I guess only receivers would work in this scenario, but I´d like to know 
your opinion.



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