[j-nsp] Arp publish on dynamic arp

Richard A Steenbergen ras at e-gerbil.net
Sun Mar 5 04:41:35 EST 2006

So, I was playing with the arp "publish" option under "family inet address 
x.x.x.x arp" when I noticed an odd behavior. The CLI seems to let you 
configure an arp "publish" without specifying an actual static mac 
address, like so:

family inet {
    address {
        arp publish;

The implication there being that it would answer with whatever data is has 
dynamically learned for this ip address, which is actually the feature 
that I want (don't ask, just pretend that I have a sensible application 
for this :P). However, reading the documentation:


It says under syntax:

arp ip-address (mac | multicast-mac) mac-address <publish>;

Implying that either static "mac" or "multicast-mac" is required, and 
publish is simple an option. When testing the scenerio above, the config 
parser lets me commit it, and arp to is still resolved correctly, 
but the local box does not answer:

07:59:46.109804  In VID [6: 309] arp who-has tell x.x.x.x
07:59:48.129670  In VID [6: 309] arp who-has tell x.x.x.x
07:59:50.149609  In VID [6: 309] arp who-has tell x.x.x.x
07:59:52.169675  In VID [6: 309] arp who-has tell x.x.x.x
07:59:54.262656  In VID [6: 309] arp who-has tell x.x.x.x

As soon as I change it to:

family inet {
    address {
        arp mac 00:01:02:03:04:05 publish;

It responds correctly:

07:54:36.877067  In VID [6: 309] arp who-has tell x.x.x.x
07:54:36.877263 Out VID [0: 309] arp reply is-at 0:01:02:03:04:05

So unless I'm confused this is a bug, the question is, is it:

A) A config parser bug, and publish on a dynamicly learned arp should not 
   be allowed; or
B) A bug in the arp response.

I get the feeling that it is probably A, even though I'd really like it to 
be B and be fixable. Someone want to comment one way or the other? :)

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