[j-nsp] routing problem

Rafal Szarecki (WA/EPO) rafal.szarecki at ericsson.com
Tue Mar 7 03:49:50 EST 2006

> hi, i can create second VRRP group and set my routers master 
> for each group.
> But i am not sure that i can choose VRRP1 master for NET_A, 
> and VRRP2 master for NET_B.
> Is it way to doing that ?

Well This is musunderstendin what VRRP is and what is not. VRRP is not routing protocol.

The comcept above do not solve the problem, rather move them to hosts/other router in MYNET. The point is that on devices in MYNET you have to have routing. Typically with VRRP yu have 0/0 --> vIP1 (where 0/0 is default and vIP1 is virtuall IP adddress or VRRP group1). If yo want to have two VRRP group, on each of MYNET hosts You have to have routing like NET_A -->vIP1 metric, NET_B-->vIP2. This is not a solution.

Regarding 7000 prefixes to mach and local preference solution.
The local preference attribute was designed to allow to choose best BGP gateway. So this is for sure best solution. The other thing is how to macth prefixes. I previous mai I suggest to match prefix, but there are other possibilities: match on AS path (incl. Gregexp - match on originating AS, match on some transit AS or AS sequence, match of as-path lenght, etc), match on communities if they are set,....

How you choos this prefixes which you want to recive by R2? Please describe.

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