[j-nsp] Question regarding OSPF

A.R. Kuiters datacrew at xs4all.nl
Thu Mar 9 06:40:34 EST 2006


I'm quite new to multiple OSPF area's. I've a question regarding the
backbone area and p.e. area 10.
At this moment, without area 10, when I look in the ospf database I can
see all my routers, network, summmary, ASBRSum and External routes in
area 0. When I trun on area 10 I see all my external routes come into 10
and in my backbone area I only will have router, network, summary and

Is this normal behaviour. I would expect area 0 to have all routes and
area 10 a default route to area 0 to reach the backbone routes.

Where does my assumption goes wrong.

Rob Kuiters

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