[j-nsp] DLCI limit on P-2MCDS3

Peering Peering at xspedius.com
Tue Mar 21 15:41:09 EST 2006

Hello all,

I ran into a problem configuring more than 3 units on a t1- interface on
the P-2MCDS3 PIC for the M-20.  I got this error:

Mar 21 09:47:58  LKCHLA-01 /kernel: t1-1/0/1:18: limit of 3 vlans/dlcis
Mar 21 09:47:58  LKCHLA-01 dcd[2811]: DCD_CONFIG_WRITE_FAILED: Interface
1:18, configuration write failed for an IFL ADD: No space left on device
Mar 21 09:47:58  LKCHLA-01 dcd[2811]:   IFL subunit 3, IFL 0, DEV 223,
down 0, p
2p 1 dial 0 proxy-arp 0

Does anyone know if this is a hard limitation for these PICs or if
there's something I can do to increase the possible units?  It doesn't
seem to be an issue on the new P-4CHDS3 QPP, but unfortunately I don't
have any of those installed on this particular M-20.

Also, while I'm at it, is there documentation anywhere that spells out
the limits for both types of channelized DS3 PICs?

Thanks in advance,
Diane Turley
Sr. Network Engineer
Xspedius Communications Co.

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