[j-nsp] Traceroute from jweb?

Michael Loftis mloftis at wgops.com
Fri Mar 24 12:00:51 EST 2006

--On March 24, 2006 9:18:35 AM +0100 Sean Clarke <sean at clarke-3.demon.nl> 

> Hi Michael,
>   Looks  like  you need to set permissions "maintenance" AND "network"
>   to run this command with jweb ... even with the view permissions.
>   To me this is a bug .. perhaps you want to raise a case with the
>   jtac and get a PR raised ..

Ewwww, yeah, that's totally WRONG.  No way in he double-hockey-sitcks am I 
giving them all maintenance access.  network definitely gets it working 
from the CLI, I'll see if I can get a PR opened.

> Cheers
> Sean
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> Not so long ago you wrote :
> ML> I'm trying (experimenting with) giving some limited web access to our
> ML> support guys and whenever they try to run traceroute they get an
> error, ML> even thoguh they can run it fine from cli...
> ML> request-background-task-start-junoscript permission denied is the
> specific ML> error but i have no damned clue what permission or command
> to allow to let ML> it work...any one have any ideas at all?
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"Genius might be described as a supreme capacity for getting its possessors
into trouble of all kinds."
-- Samuel Butler

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