[j-nsp] Redistributing OSPF NSSA ..

Harry Reynolds harry at juniper.net
Mon Mar 27 20:41:08 EST 2006

You can redistribute routes between IS-IS and OSPF, but you cannot
expect LSA/LSP translations, as would be the case for an OSPF ABR router
that translates a NSSA type 7 into a type 5. You will need routing
policy for route redistribution, and will be able to control prefixes
with route-filters. Perhaps you can provide an example of your ospf/isis
and policy stanzas to the list for comment?


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> routes into ISIS Level 1.
> Is it possible to do that?
> I dont see OSPF passing routes from Type 7 N2 LSAs into ISIS. 
> The P bit in the Type 7 LSA is set.
> Thanks,
> Abhishek
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