[j-nsp] Placing a subscriber in a VRF

Thomas Salmen tsalmen at orcon.net.nz
Mon May 8 21:54:30 EDT 2006

> Hi Thomas,
> the RADIUS-Attribute is the right one!
> The problem seems to be that in the VRF no looback interface is
> configured.?
> >     local interface - <NULL>  <-----------------
> see below.
> It must be:
> >     local interface - looback 0
> for example.
> Could you configure the same looback interface in the VRF as in the VR
> default?

Thanks for the response - certainly pointed me in the right direction. I had
a loopback0 in the VRF, but the profile used for L2TP was configured as

profile lns01
 ip unnumbered loopback 5
 ip mtu 1500
 ppp authentication pap

So when I added a loopback5 to the VRF, things worked perfectly.

Thanks for your help, much appreciated.


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