[j-nsp] M7i :hard-disk missing in Boot List

George Yalamov georgi.yalamov at btc-net.bg
Wed May 17 08:57:03 EDT 2006

Yes, You are  terribly  right.

I think all of M7i  parcel with RE 5.0 have this problem . Last  month I 
have the same failure with one of our lab boxes. No way to boot from 
HDD. I tried to boot first from flashcard but also can not see the hard 
disk. If you turn off RE for few hours it is possible to boot, but after 
that the same problems appears. I know about the same problem with some 
friend's boxes.
As I know this horrible "bug" was repired in RE-5.0+ / RE-850. So 
upgrade to RE-5.0+  or change your HDD.


>Sounds like your problem was the el-cheapo laptop hard drive they use in 
>these REs.  It needs time to do it's offline maintenance, the constant log 
>chatter from the various things going on in a Unix box don't really allow 
>them to do it's internal maintenance, and after a while, the HDD will fail 
>to calibrate and become a brick until you leave it alone for anywhere from 
>a minute to half an hour, usually 10-20 minutes.
>This is a pretty well known issue, and has been discussed in various fora, 
>but Juniper doesn't seem to have done anything about it.
>>Dmitry Cherkasov
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