[j-nsp] cross vr routing?

Sven Juergensen s.juergensen at kielnet.de
Thu Nov 2 04:11:15 EST 2006

hello everyone,

i'm a bit lost here:
is it possible to somehow route between
virtual routers using junose 5-1-5?

in the documentation [1] it says

"E-series routers support a number of features that allow the service
provider to control the exchange of routing information between virtual
routers in the system, between routers in the network, and between
protocols within a router:"

this leads me to the assumption that it is -
but how? what i'm trying to do is to nat 1918
space to a public ip address, possibly located
on another virtual router.

can i do this or would i have to use another
external device for this?

thanks for any input.



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