[j-nsp] BFD in the core on Juniper M-series routers

Arda Balkanay arda.balkanay at borusantelekom.com
Tue Nov 21 12:01:55 EST 2006

We work with a service provider for our metro ethernet uplinks.
It is hard for us to detect failures in metro ethernet carrier's backbone.
Because of that we use BFD under OSPF configurations for fast detection of

For example:
m7i> show configuration protocols ospf   
area {
    interface fe-1/3/0.351 {
        bfd-liveness-detection {
            minimum-interval 300;
            multiplier 3;

m7i> show bfd session detail 
Address              State     Interface     Detect Time  Interval
x.x.x.x         Up        fe-1/3/0.351        0.900     0.300      3
  Client OSPF, TX interval 0.300, RX interval 0.300, multiplier 3
  Session up time 04:48:51
  Local diagnostic None, remote diagnostic None
  Remote state Up, version 1

1 sessions, 1 clients
Cumulative transmit rate 3.3 pps, cumulative receive rate 3.3 pps

With this configurations any failure can be detected in less than 1 second
(instead of 40 seconds)and Ospf neigborship goes down.
Note that you have to update your firewall filters -that you use to protect
your RE- to allow BFD traffic.

Arda Balkanay

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Is there anyone out there having experience in enabling BFD in the core
environment to primarily be able to detect link-failures fast on Fast
Ethernet links and Gigabit Ethernet links so that high quality services
can be assured?
Thanks in advance

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