[j-nsp] ERX packet size issue

Richard Hartensveld rh at concepts.nl
Tue Apr 3 16:58:34 EDT 2007


I'm having a problem sending packets >230 bytes to a pppoa subscriber

Pinging the subscriber from the ERX310 box with a data-size lower then 230
works fine, but above it drops all the packets.

This is not just for icmp packets but for all data packets. (So subscriber
is unable to surf the net).

The subscriber is provisioned through bulk-config. some stats:

Interface ATM-Prot VCD VPI VCI  Type   Encap MTU  Status   Type
--------- -------- --- --- --- ------- ----- ---- ------ ---------
ATM 2/0.1 RFC-1483   3   1  99 PVC     AUTO  9180 up     Dynamic

There is an AccIntern route to the customer:

  Prefix/Length      Type       Next Hop      Dst/Met          Interface
a.b.c.d/32        AccIntern       2/0   	         ATM2/0.1

The dynamic ppp profile sets the Administrative MTU to 1500.

I'm looking for hints on where to look for with this problem.

Thanks in advance,


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