[j-nsp] Power failure - unexpected?

Raniery Pontes raniery at rnp.br
Thu Apr 5 08:41:43 EDT 2007

Hi everybody,

  we´ve got an M320 with 4 power modules, a single routing engine and 
the following FPC´s:

1 FPC type 1 (with 2xGigE)
1 FPC type 2 (with 3xOC-48)
1 FPC type 3 (with 2x10GE)

During a maintenance, we had to turn off only 2 power modules, but 
unfortunately the whole box went down ...

According to docs, I was expecting the router to stay up and running, 
once this is not a fully "loaded" router (without lots of FPC type 3, 
for instance).

What went wrong ? ;)

Are there circumstances where I can turn off 2 power modules and M320 
stay running?


Raniery Pontes
raniery at rnp.br

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