[j-nsp] BGP Origin Issue

Warren Kumari warren at kumari.net
Thu Apr 19 16:17:53 EDT 2007

On Apr 19, 2007, at 2:22 PM, Borchers, Mark M. wrote:

> We have a downstream BGP site announcing 19 prefixes from a Cisco  
> router.
> Eleven of the prefixes were configured with network statements in  
> his BGP
> config.  The remaining nine were statically null-routed and being
> redistributed into BGP.  Thus, those nine appeared to us on an M20  
> as origin
> incomplete.  None were advertised to other peers.
> Just wondering if this is working as designed or if we have a  
> Juniper-Cisco
> BGP interoperability issue.

Nope, this is working as designed -- the name "incomplete" is a  
little unintuitive...

> We are running Junos 7.6R2.6.  I am aware of
> the role of origin in BGP path selection, but these examples  
> include routes
> that are not being announced via any other path.

I am a little confused - are you saying that the ones that were  
configured with the network statement are working correctly and that  
the ones that arrive from the redistribution are not? Or that none or  

I would suggest checking that you are really getting all the routes:
show route receive-protocol bgp <neighbor> detail
show route protocol bgp <one of each of the route types> all detail

and look at the State: and Inactive reasons:


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