[j-nsp] Juniper TACACS using Cisco ACS 3.2

Ivan c ivannetw at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 04:11:04 EDT 2007


Just wanted to see if anyway has Cisco ACS tacacs authentication
working seemlessly with JunOS?

I have the basics setup

tacplus-server { {
             secret "jahdsijfdkjfkdjakfjsdlkf"; ## SECRET-DATA
             time-out 5;

and as long as the user name is defined in JunOS, the class but no
password it works. I am wanting to setup TACACS but without having to
define users locally.

I know there is a way with ACS to setup local user profiles from
JunOS, but I haven't managed to get it to work?

Command authorization would be good too?

thanks, any help is appreciated


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