[j-nsp] Problem setting a bypass lsp? ....quesion

Salman Ahmed. salman77_99 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 1 13:19:32 EST 2007


I need to make a bypass lsp. I have configure MPLS
LSPs etc with RSVP running and node-link-protection
enabled on RSVP interfaces. I need to create a bypass
to address I have constraints
loose; loose; loose; loose.

I am setting the following command in the router :

set protocols rsvp interface fe-0/0/0.110
link-protection bypass abc to path loose

# commit
[edit protocols rsvp interface fe-0/0/0.110
  'bypass abc'
    Missing mandatory statement: 'bandwidth'
error: commit failed: (missing statements)

Does the bypass LSP necessarily needs a bandwidth ?


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