[j-nsp] Splitting E1 possibility in Juniper?

F J ripprapp at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 6 10:07:49 EST 2007

Here is a tricky one... or?

I have an M20 with one e1 PIC with four E1-interfaces.

On interface 0 in the E1-PIC I recieve 32 timeslots.

Is it somehow possible to "split" those incoming 32 timeslots and deliever 
the first 10 timeslots to port 1 and the remaining 22 timeslots to port 2 in 
my E1-PIC?

I don't want to solve this by layer3 routing. I just want my M20 to split 
the E1. The M20 should be totally "invisible" for my devices behind port 1 
and port 2. They just want to recieve a specific range of timeslots...

I know I must have additional PICs if I want to bundle several E1 ports but 
I can't find anything that would solve my task described above...

Best Regards
/// Fredrik

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