[j-nsp] Monitoring of jitter, rtt in a Juniper core environement

Daniel.Hilj at synetrix.co.uk Daniel.Hilj at synetrix.co.uk
Wed Feb 7 08:10:31 EST 2007

Does anyone have experience in monitoring of jitter, rtt in a Juniper
core environement?
My aim is to monitor different forwarding-classes traffic, i.e EF, AF,
I have configured this and I it looks good except that I don't know how
to force the traffic through a specific forwarding-class. The monitoring
is using the best-effort queue only. 
Yupie at XMFH# show services rpm                 
probe Probe1 {
    test test-ef {
        probe-type udp-ping;
        target address;
        probe-count 10;
        probe-interval 1;
        test-interval 1;
        destination-port 65522;
        dscp-code-points 101000;
        data-size 100;

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