[j-nsp] SFP, XENPAK, XFP information via SNMP?

Sean Clarke sean at clarke-3.demon.nl
Sat Feb 10 04:38:09 EST 2007

Hi Pekka,

  There  is  nothing - there's a feature request in for about 8.5 (but
  don't quote me as it keeps getting deferred) for a MIB trap when the
  SFP/XENPAK etc is inserted or removed, but nothing else.


Not so long ago you wrote : 
PS> Hello all,

PS> I couldn't find a way to get any information about SFPs, XENPAKs or 
PS> XFPs using SNMP.  I'd have expected it to be available under the 
PS> enterprise chassis MIB.

PS> Am I missing something or is this only available through CLI?

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