[j-nsp] BGP RR in MPLS VPN

Sean Clarke sean at clarke-3.demon.nl
Wed Feb 14 04:34:44 EST 2007

Hi Ihsan,

  How have you put the route into inet.3 ?
  I generally  see it configured as a "discard" route, then it's not


Not so long ago you wrote : 
IJI> Thanks Ariff,

IJI> I've put in the prefix consisting of our loopback IP range into inet.3 and
IJI> now the VPNs next-hops are resolvable directly without creating the LSPs to
IJI> the RR.

IJI> One thing I'm curious is that the prefix is listed as hidden in inet.3. Is
IJI> this the intended behaviour?

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IJI> Not sure if you've explore this option or not.  You dont need to setup LSPs
IJI> to your RR.  You can place a 0/0 route in inet.3 on the RR so that all
IJI> learnt routes appear as resolvable and hence reflected.

IJI> Take a look at the RR config at:

IJI> http://www.apricot2006.net/slides/tutorial/tuesday/L3VPN_migration.zip


IJI> On Feb 10, 2007, at 2:16 PM, Ihsan Junaidi Ibrahim wrote:

>> Hi all,
>> Bringing up an old topic. :)
>> I'm having problem creating an LSP on one of my RR to it's own lo0.  
>> The reason I'm doing this is to propagate our network loopback prefix 
>> to the rest of the PEs, without creating full mesh of LSPs between the 
>> PEs and the RRs.
>> ihsan at kenanga# show label-switched-path to-self to; 
>> install;
>> And CSPF kept mentioning empty route to the egress.
>> ihsan at kenanga# run show mpls lsp ingress name to-self extensive 
>> Ingress LSP: 17 sessions
>>   From:, State: Dn, ActiveRoute: 0, LSPname: to-self
>>   ActivePath: (none)
>>   LoadBalance: Random
>>   Encoding type: Packet, Switching type: Packet, GPID: IPv4
>>   Primary                    State: Dn, No-decrement-ttl
>>     Will be enqueued for recomputation in 10 second(s).
>>     1 Feb 11 06:08:58 CSPF failed: empty route
>>   Created: Sun Feb 11 06:08:55 2007
>> Total 1 displayed, Up 0, Down 1
>> I was also recommended to create the LSP to another RR and vice- versa 
>> (to get the prefix installed in inet.3) but I want to avoid that 
>> because in the event of the dest RR failing (we only have 2 RRs), then 
>> the NLRI will be marked inactive.
>> Any ideas anyone?
>> /ihsan
>>> Hi Guys,
>>> What you are looking for is that in order for the l3bgp table to have 
>>> active routes to pass to the other reflector clients the next hop for 
>>> all PE¹s in the vpn global table (l3bgp table) must be a LSP learned 
>>> route.  In the traditional sense this would require a full mesh of 
>>> lsp¹s to the RR and a full mesh of lsp¹s to each PE.  A simple work 
>>> around for this in order to not have lsp¹s going to the RR from each 
>>> PE is to build a fake LSP on the RR to it¹s own loopback. Then 
>>> install 0/0 under this LSP then their will be a 0/0 entry in inet.3 
>>> which will resolve all next-hops for the PE routes in the Global vpn 
>>> table. Of course this will not actually forward traffic. The sole 
>>> purpose of this 0/0 is to resolve routes and subsequently allow the 
>>> RR to advertise the routes to other clients that are now active.
>>> I hope this clears things UP...
>>> Cheers,
>>> Gary Hauser
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