[j-nsp] J4350/6350 experiences?

Stephen Fulton sf at lists.esoteric.ca
Sun Feb 18 13:20:53 EST 2007

Hi all,

At the last NANOG, the folks from Juniper made quite an impression on 
myself & a few other independent ISP operators in Toronto, particularly 
with regard to the J4350/J6350 series.  The general consensus is that it 
is designed to take on Cisco's 7206/NPE-G1 platform at half-the-price. 
Anyway, what we don't know is how it operates in the real world.  For 
those of you who do use the J-series higher end models, would you mind 
sharing your experience off-list?  I'll post a redacted summary for the 
archives later on.


-- Stephen.

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