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Rafał Szarecki rszarecki at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 19:46:05 EDT 2007

SONET and ATM interfaces will be in lab for sure. If you will not be able to
make them running, you do not pass. Simply You will  not be able to complet
other tasks like OSPF or BGP. But no warry just try to memorize atm and
sonet specifics. They are not that complicated. Manuals are avaliable on
exam - bot electronic and hardcopy.

2007/7/13, Mark Seward <mdseward at gmail.com>:
> Harry's book is pretty comprehensive.  If you're comfortable with the
> end of chapter case studies and you already have past experience then
> just mix them up, make up some scenarios and configure away.  Remember
> you can configure non-existent interfaces on whatever you have, just
> use your imagination for the up/up part :)
> Make sure you understand how and what to troubleshoot in case it's not
> working.
> In my experience you don't need to have a lab full of legacy interfaces,
> Mark
> JNCIP-M #399
> On 7/13/07, nachocheeze at gmail.com <nachocheeze at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Getting ready to schedule the JNCIP-M lab, and have a question.
> >
> > I've been thru Harry's book and feel pretty comfortable with the meat
> > and potatoes of it (CLI, basic config, protocols, policies, etc).  I
> > finished the JNCIS-M with about 20 minutes to spare and it didn't seem
> > all that difficult, so given that I have a few years of Juniper hands
> > on in the real world already, I think I should be ready for most stuff
> > with a few months of study and lab practice.
> >
> > There is one thing that I'm definitely lacking though.  Pretty much
> > all of our network is Ethernet based, and has been for a while.  We've
> > not had any SONET based services for a while, and I haven't even
> > touched Frame Relay or ATM in years.  I don't currently have access to
> > any hands-on assets that are non-Ethernet.
> >
> > Given that there's probably going to be at least a little bit of those
> > on the lab, how worried should I be?  Is the amount of that likely to
> > be on the lab such that I need to get some rack rental or bootcamp
> > time, or is it basic enough that I can probably figure it out with
> > just book studying and past (way past) experience?
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