[j-nsp] ns-50 NAT problem

Gabriel gabriel at teksavvy.com
Tue Jul 17 09:23:32 EDT 2007

> Hi there,
> >From past experience, we've found it impossible to get the 
> Netscreen to
> do this.  It can't use anything other than a MIP or the 
> egress interface
> of the box.  I think is is an architectural thing - NAT is configured
> around an interface in ScreenOS.
> In this respect it differs from a PIX, where translations 
> don't need to
> be tied to the interface in any way - they're simply specified in the
> "ip nat ..." statements.
> Sorry to disappoint...
> Andrew

So Basically you are saying the only way to have this work is to have a
second device do the nat? There is no other way arround right?


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