[j-nsp] ERX1440, how to limit login to be able to "show conf" only

Rick Astley jnanog at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 01:34:00 EDT 2008

Have you considered using the archive feature?


set system archival configuration transfer-interval 1440
set system archival configuration archive-sites "ftp://user:passs@"


If you just need a restricted account with permission to only see the
config, you can create a seperate class for it with "view-configuration"
permission. ie:
set system login class backup permissions view-configuration

"secret" permission is optional, see "Configuring Access Privilege Levels"
for more info:


2008/7/1 Joe Shen <sj_hznm at yahoo.com.cn>:

> hi,
>  we are trying to set up ERX1440/E320 configuration
> backup and monitoring  system. The system is
> implemented to fetch E320/E1440 configuration file
> every day.
>  In order to confirm system security, the login
> account should ONLY be able to fech E1440/E320
> configuration file. No privilege on configuration
> modification should be granted.
>  Is that possible to implement above on E1440/E320?
>  Or, is it possible to fetch configuation file by RO
> SNMP community?
>  thanks in advance.
> Joe
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