[j-nsp] Odd BGP Issue

Niels Bakker niels=juniper-nsp at bakker.net
Sat Jul 5 15:52:42 EDT 2008

* lee.hetherington at redtechnology.com (Lee Hetherington) [Sat 05 Jul 2008, 20:42 CEST]:
> We have a J2320-JH, it has a Link to AS1200 over a 2meg serial x.21 
> connection and then a 100meg connection to AS1299 over ethernet.  I 
> have bgp from our as accepting ANY from them and announcing a single 
> /23 network to them.

Just to protect the innocent, judging from your RIPE db objects it 
appears you have a link with AS1290, not AS1200.

AS1200 is 100% 2meg serial free.

	-- Niels.


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