[j-nsp] PtP link over FR

Scott Morris swm at emanon.com
Thu Jul 17 07:13:50 EDT 2008

On your Cisco router, when you look at "show frame map" what do you see as
the encapsulation?  Is it CISCO or IETF?

Juniper routers (like most other vendors) does not do CISCO frame
encapsulation, so if you change to IETF on the Cisco side you should be

Note, this is different than Cisco LMI, which Juniper does support.



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There is an interesting situation, let me discuss the scenario first,

Cisco Router A ----(same n/w) ---- Juniper Router -----(FR point-to-point
pvc) ------- Cisco Router B.

PVC is Active & point to point connectivity is OK. But the ping response
from cisco router A to B via FR is unreachable & vice versa.

however if i replace Juniper router with Cisco Router, it works fine.

Is there any IP forwarding like thing? or any other problem.

Thanks very much in advance.

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