[j-nsp] ERX DPFE version issue

Dr Rocco DiSanto drdisanto at directus.net
Tue Jul 22 18:08:05 EDT 2008

Hi All,

I am hoping someone can offer me a suggestion on an issue I'm having with a
legacy Duel Port Fast Ethernet (DPFE) line card in an ERX 1410. 

I have a DPFE that was last working in a chassis running JUNOSe 2.61(been
sitting in the lab for a while but booted successfully to the prompt when
powered up this week). I am attempting to bring the FE card up on another
1410 chassis w/ software load 5.1.3. The 1410 SRPs and all other line cards
boot and come on line. The FE card begins to load and the green "RUN" LED
comes up, however the card never completes the boot process and comes
"online" but also never fails w/ the red LED. It just sits there with the
green "Run" LED up.

This DPFE line card has 64meg SODIMS on it and I am wondering if this could
be the issue. Could it be that it needs 128Meg modules to boot in a version
of OS above 2.61

Any advice on how to bring this line card online would be much appreciated.

Thanks & Regards

Dr. Rocco DiSanto
drdisanto at broadplex.com  

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