[j-nsp] Juniper output flow sampling and MPLS packets

Cougar cougar at random.ee
Tue Mar 4 01:36:02 EST 2008


Before filing a JTAC case I'd like to ask help from this list as I 
couldn't find any information from the web.

I have simple topology:
             |         |
backbone ----+  mx960  +---- peering
             |         | \
             +----+----+  \ in/out sampling is here

Backbone part is mostly MPLS-only, customer and peering ports are pure IP.

What I have done right now is that I have every peering and uplink port
configured with sampling for both directions.

family inet {
    sampling {

As long here is no traffic possible between these ports I don't get
nothing counted twice. Only thing I miss this is customer-customer
traffic but this is not important right now.

Incoming traffic is ok and sampled well. I have problem with outgoing
traffic. If I look at statistics I see packets only from router (interface
0) and customer going to peering port but no traffic from backbone port. I
also tried it with output filter and "sample" action but no luck.

Is it possible to 'fix' it somehow? Any idea?


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