[j-nsp] Filter based forwarding within a routing-instance

Jacob Gårder jacob at garder.se
Fri Mar 7 07:29:22 EST 2008

Hi all!

I have a routing instance (vrf) with three interfaces (A, B, C). Traffic 
is coming in from C and goes out A, to a firewall where 0/0 points to.

Now I want to use source-based routing (or FBF, or whatever) to make 
traffic from IP-net 1.1.1/24 coming in from C go out on B (and point 0/0 
for those source-adresses to another FW).

How can this be done on a J4350 running Junos 8.4?

Note that all interfaces are in a vrf routing-instance and not in inet.0.

Jacob Gårder

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