[j-nsp] Packet Fragmentation and Interleaving

GIULIANO (UOL) giulianocm at uol.com.br
Sat Mar 8 09:43:43 EST 2008


We are using some Juniper J-Series 4300 routers with Dual Port Sync 
Serial PIM:

root at wztech# run show chassis pic fpc-slot 1 pic-slot 0
FPC slot 1, PIC slot 0 information:
   Type                             2x Serial
   State                            Online
   PIC version                  3.8
   Uptime                         4 hours, 1 minute, 36 seconds

We are connected to a Frame-Relay network with 256 Kbps of bandwidth.

We would like to configure fragmentation and packet interleaving for 
this interface without success.

The J-Series routers supports only ls-0/0/0 interfaces ... and not the 
lsq-0/0/0 interfaces.

With that ... we cannot use fragmentation-maps over the traffic:

For AS PIC link services IQ interfaces (lsq) only, you can configure 
fragmentation properties on a particular forwarding class. To do this, 
include the fragmentation-maps statement at the [edit class-of-service] 
hierarchy level ...

When we try to configure ...

root at wztech# show
unit 0 {
     fragment-threshold 320;

We cannot associate ls-0/0/0 bundle with the serial interface, because 
it does not have the support for the MLFR.

Anyone has some tip or conclusion about how to use it ?

It is possible to configure RTP COMPRESSION for a Frame-Relay link ?

Thanks a lot,


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