[j-nsp] MX Series and SFP-GE-T

arijit ganguly arijitganguly at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 13 20:23:06 EDT 2008

yes they support.> From: mtinka at globaltransit.net> To: juniper-nsp at puck.nether.net> Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2008 07:42:39 +0800> Subject: Re: [j-nsp] MX Series and SFP-GE-T> > On Thursday 13 March 2008, William Jackson wrote:> > > Does the MX Series support Copper 1000 BaseT SFP's?> > As far as I know, the SFP-based DPC's do support SFP-T's. > I'm not sure, though, if they are brand-specific.> > Mark.
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