[j-nsp] OSPF neighbor Down :: without reason

Raymond Cheh rcheh at juniper.net
Mon Mar 24 13:16:57 EDT 2008

Stefan Fouant wrote:

>Can you '*set flag event detail*' on the traceoptions within 'protocols
>ospf'?  You should be able to get a little more detailed information as to
>what is causing this problem.
Such traceoption is defintely useful.

 From the 2 log messages below, it also seems that 1 side stop seeing
the OSPF packages from the other side. I would also do a
'monitor traffic interface verbose', filtering only the OSPF packets,
and see if the OSPF packets get through on both sides, and see if
what the hello packets say the same thing about the neighbors.



>Stefan Fouant
>On 3/24/08, Farhan Jaffer <bandhani at gmail.com> wrote:
>>I am running OSPF in my n/w. Yesterday one neighbor got down & up
>>after few seconds, i couldn't get any idea from logs.
>>One side:
>>rpd[3120]: RPD_OSPF_NBRDOWN: OSPF neighbor a.b.c.d state changed from
>>Full to Down due to InActiveTimer (event reason: neighbor was inactive
>>and declared dead)
>>Other side:
>>rpd[3055]: RPD_OSPF_NBRDOWN: OSPF neighbor e.f.g.h state changed from
>>Full to Init due to 1WayRcvd (event reason: neighbor is in one-way
>>There was no media flapping, errors on media, router malfunctioning, etc,
>>Any idea?

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