[j-nsp] Sandisk Extreme III 1G CF card compatibility

David Ball davidtball at gmail.com
Mon May 5 17:02:11 EDT 2008

  Yeah, but do they come with the $600+ needle-nose pliars like the
ones that come with Juniper CFs in the upgrade kits?  ;)


2008/5/5 Dave Diller <dave at maxgigapop.net>:
> >> It turns out that some SanDisk Extreme III 1G cards are Juniper
> >> friendly, and others are not.  We purchased three at the same time
> >> from the same CompUSA.  Of the three, two do not work and the third
> >> one is fine. The symptom is that the non-functional ones time out and
> >> you can't install anything on them (but 6509's are fine with them, so
> >> they'll be redeployed there ;-):
> >
> > I believe the distinction is that some (usually modern high-speed
> > units,
> > or especially cheap regular units) CF cards do not support PIO mode,
> > and
> > assume that anyone in their right mind buying a 1G CF is going to
> > plug it
> > into a device which supports UDMA, and high speed UDMA at that.
> True in general but not in this specific case; the Extreme IIIs have
> always supported PIO modes 0 - 6 and older date-coded ones work fine
> with both RE-4.0 and Sup720.  Newer ones don't work with RE-4.0 but
> are still fine in Sup720.  Something changed internally and makes
> Juniper puke, even though the card is labelled the same.  Different
> chip?  Clocking tolerances?  Donno.
> > You're best off getting a regular classic SanDisk with PIO support,
> > there are no
> > benefits to be had by putting nice CFs into old and crappy hosts. '
> Agreed, the hardware certainly isn't going to be able to make use of
> the faster card.  The main benefit to the "nice" 1G Extreme IIIs has
> been ready availability at any walk-in store and low price.  But that
> seems to no longer be the case unless you find old stock.
> But, OTOH, "standard" 1G Sandisk [SDCFB-1024-A10] is $18.95 on Amazon.
> That's just nuts.  Especially since they sell the 512M version for
> $32.95 ;-)
> -dd
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