[j-nsp] Which Router

Lee Hetherington lee.hetherington at redtechnology.com
Tue May 13 16:04:08 EDT 2008

Hi List,

Forgive me if I am asking stupid questions, but I am new to BGP.

We are looking to empower our networks with BGP.  We have 3 pops and 3 different providers.  Currently we have various staticly routed connections, which is bad for a hosting co.

POP A:  100Meg to Abovenet and 1000Meg to A smaller uk isp
POP B:   100Meg to Abovenet and 1000Meg to A smaller uk isp
Corp HQ:  10meg to POP A and 1x 2meg to Telia and 1x 2meg to Telstra

We have a peak at Christmas of around 60mbits/sec across all links.

I am looking at the Juniper J series of routers, as our requirements at the moment are pretty small.  Speaking to my hardware vendors has not filled me with confidence and they do not seem to know what i need in terms of the routers.  Our switches are all already speaking OSPF etc.

In each location we will have 3 bgp sessions this I know.  2x eBgp and 1x iBgp.  Will a J2320 with 1Gb Ram be enough to hold the routing tables required and run?  Since we take full transit from all ISPs I am guessing this is going to be ok, but will not allow much growth.  My suggestion internally for kit would be the J4350 with 1Gb Ram to start, then upgrading to 2Gb in the future as we perhaps take transits from others or peer publically.

What would anyone reccomend?  Are there any guidelines any of you have as to how much ram I would need in the devices?  (We are looking at 1 router within each location presently as they are purely borders)

Many Thanks,


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