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sunnyday cscosunny at gmail.com
Sat May 17 12:16:29 EDT 2008

And another question how can I tell to which zone the tunnel interface is

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There is just not enough information supplied to determine the
problem.  Is the tunnel interface bound to the Trust zone, or the
Untrust zone?  If it's bound to the Trust zone and you haven't
explicity blocked intrazone traffic then you don't need a policy.  Are
you using any other Virtual-Routers other than the Trust-VR?  If so,
you'll need to configure Inter-VR routing.  Have you enabled ping on
the Trust interface?  I think it's enabled by default on the Trust
interface but you might want to double check.  Can you describe your
configuration in more detail?

Stefan Fouant

On Sat, May 17, 2008 at 6:02 AM, sunnyday <cscosunny at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello I have configured a dialup vpn and successfully created the tunnel
> received ip address but I cannot manage to ping the netscreen`s
> Trust interface. The ip address the vpn has is and the trust
> interface is I  tried with static routes and  policies
> With no result  can you please help me out with this one?
> Thank you
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