[j-nsp] JUNOSe Address allocation

Chris Kawchuk ckawchuk at juniper.net
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Hi Paul,

Not that I am aware of. Local pool will only be used where RADIUS does
not reeturn a framed-ip address. Your better bet is to adjust the way
your RADIUS returns static IPs, for itself to check to see if that IP
has already been assigned (is "in use" on another login/secondary
login), and then not return an IP address to the ERX.

The ERX then, if it does not receive a framed-ip address for the
subscriber, will then select an address from the local-pool.

- Chris.

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Hi guys.


On JUNOSe, when a subscriber connects via PPP and is assigned a static
IP from RADIUS, is there a way to assign an IP address from the local
pool if there's already exists a session using the IP address provided
by the RADIUS server ?






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