[j-nsp] VRRP Scaling figures

magno massimo.magnani at gmail.com
Mon May 26 04:33:32 EDT 2008

Hi list!

 I have a question about VRRP scaling figures: I know that JunOS is claiming
to support 255 VRRP instances with standard timers... (1 sec hello, 3 sec
convergence time).

Has anyone any figures about lowering these timers? I mean what if I have to
use a 300ms hello timers and 1 sec convergence-time? Have I to lower the
scaling number in a proportional way? I mean, hello timer is 1/3 of the
standard one, so I would expect to support only 255/3 instances?

Has anyone ever deployed such a configuration with about 150 vrrp stanzas?

I am worried about the pps ratio between RE and PFE (if the router is master
vrrp) and the other way around (from PFE to RE) if the router is the slave.

On my calculations, with 150 stanzas I have: 150*3pps = 450 pps from RE to
PFE if the router is master, while with standard timers I have only 255*1pps
=255 pps from RE to PFE.

These calculations are simple, but I think they can show my concerns!

Thanks in advance!


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