[j-nsp] Juniper support vs. Cisco TAC - experiences?

Wink dwinkworth at wi.rr.com
Wed May 28 07:35:12 EDT 2008

Also, to answer your question..

I have some experience with JTAC.  They are "on par" with Cisco from my 
perspective in terms of responsiveness and quality of support. 

I think they are about the same, though I'm sure either one will say 
they are much better than the other.

IMHO, you don't typically get the support you need until you are at a 
Tier 2 type level anyway.

matthew zeier wrote:
> I'm looking at the EX4200 as an alternative to Cisco's 3750G.  The 
> EX4200 is much less expensive than a comparable 3750G.
> Current network is all Cisco and I don't have any experience dealing 
> with Juniper support outside of a couple SSG-5 issues.  I think the 
> largest barrier to Juniper is their support is an unknown and no one 
> wants a Cisco/Juniper finger pointing match when there's some problem.
> Looking for real work experience with Juniper support (and even with the 
> EX4200s, as new as they are).
> Oh, and Juniper doesn't do VTP or CDP (or Cisco doesn't do LLDP)!

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