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Doug Marschke Doug at ietraining.net
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Depending on the implementation, these AS could be ignored confederation
loop checking is done on sub-as number only.

If you still having an issue, you can override as loop detection with
the as-loops command.

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Hello List,

This is not Juniper specific, but I think it's an interesting case  
A global carrier is running an MPLS network to provide L3 and L2  
vpns. Obviously this carrier doesn't have presence in every city and  
every country so he forms partnerships with local carriers to extend  
the his footprint.
This is done by establishing type B inter as NNI links.
The iBGP topology of this carrier is using confederations.

The problem now is that one of the new partners is using a private  
AS, which happens to match one of the BGP confederations used inside  
the global carrier network.
This obviously creates a problem which I'm looking to overcome.

Any ideas will be appreciated.



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