[j-nsp] Why should I *not* buy an MX?

Keegan.Holley at sungard.com Keegan.Holley at sungard.com
Fri Nov 7 11:21:31 EST 2008

> We've been using Juniper M/T series in service provider scenarios for
> a couple of years now, and really like them.  As part of an equipment
> life cycle refresh, we're considering replacing our core (campus
> enterprise) network with something in the MX series; a la this post:
> http://marc.info/?l=juniper-nsp&m=122008030004203&w=1
> We are very "glass is half empty" on our evals; while it seems most
> are pretty happy with the MX boxen, I'm trying to find something
> show-stopper that would make us go with another product. 

Which M/T series boxes are you currently using?  The only thing I can 
think of is that it may be overkill for your implementation. 
You might want to try the cisco-nsp list if your looking for nay-sayers.

> We're wanting basically a campus Ethernet version of an M/T box and all 
> that implies (besides just shoveling packets at a non-blocking line
> rate, we'd like full MPLS and RSVP/TE support, L2/L3 VPN, multicast,
> IPv6, lawful intercept, etc), so I'm curious if anyone's demo'ed an MX
> box as a campus core router and tested everything but the kitchen sink
> and found something that Juniper says "works great", but in actual
> practice just isn't quite there yet.
> Basically, can someone give me reasons apart from "we don't need SONET
> or any other WAN interfaces, and it's cheaper per port", why should we
> NOT choose an MX box?  Are there any gotchas waiting in the wings for
> someone who's used to the full flavored goodness that is the M/T
> series?
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