[j-nsp] FEB/FPC Complexity

Andrew Jimmy good1 at live.com
Mon Apr 6 10:53:55 EDT 2009

I come to know that M120 can provide N:1 FEB redundancy. 


As per juniper DOCS, A FEB redundancy group is a named collection of two or
more Forwarding Engine Boards (FEBs) that can improve interface
availability. You can design your redundant FEB configuration to provide
backup on a one-to-one basis, or you can provide one backup for multiple
FEBs. Each FEB redundancy group can contain only one primary FEB. 


Can someone write some text about primary FEB and secondary FEBs, what is
the difference? What if you have two  FEBs type 1 along with two FPCs type
1, Is it possible to use both FEBs for each FPC 1+1 while both FEBs are
acting active/standby to each other so if one FEB goes offline the other can
serve both FPCs. If yes, can some help in configuring this.

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