[j-nsp] v6 BGP Policy Bug?

Mark Tinka mtinka at globaltransit.net
Wed Apr 15 05:32:40 EDT 2009

On Wednesday 15 April 2009 04:47:49 pm Richard A Steenbergen 

> Are you talking about an explicit "then accept" final
> term, or an implicit default-action accept?

Explicit. Still debugging...

> Once upon a
> time I saw a nice table of the protocol-specific
> default-action defaults, but I can't find it now as
> Juniper's search is returning 99% xml results.

You're probably looking for:


> On the subject of impossible dreams that would make
> troubleshooting these kinds of things easier, it would be
> really handy if "test policy" supported policy chains and
> logical-routers. Actually it would be nice if you could
> change the output from something other than "brief", and
> control the input with something more than a single
> prefix doing "orlonger" matching too. I wonder why they
> didn't just do this as part of "show route" so you get
> consistent features?

Aye :-).



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