[j-nsp] l3vpn for IPv6 Unicast - Issue

Mark Tinka mtinka at globaltransit.net
Fri Jan 2 08:03:05 EST 2009

Hi folks.

Wondering whether this is a valid configuration:

[edit protocols bgp]
group lab6 {
    type internal;
    local-address 2001:db8::3:ff7b;
    family inet6 {
    family inet6-vpn {
        apply-groups BGP-OUTBOUND-POLICY6-L3VPN6;
    peer-as 65000;
    neighbor 2001:db8::5:ff79;
    neighbor 2001:db8::5:ff78;

I get the following error upon commit:

[edit protocols]
    Error in neighbor 2001:db8::5:ff79 of group lab6:
only IPv6 NLRI are allowed with an IPv6 neighbor
error: configuration check-out failed


Is there anything I'm missing?

I'm not seeing the same issue for a similar configuration 
under another BGP group for 'family inet unicast' and 
'family inet-vpn unicast'.

Code is JunOS 9.3R2.8 on an M7i.

All help appreciated.


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