[j-nsp] l2circuit or l2vpn

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The main differences are related to the Martini and Kompella method of 
implementing the technology. For example l2vpn is based on MBGP with RSVP 
doing the LSP signaling and advertising the labels.  This means that the 
path of the circuit is handled as if it were a virtual circuit because 
RSVP signals and reserves the bandwidth before traffic is passed. 
l2circuit is based on LDP which sends hellos end to end but depends on the 
IGP for resource reservations.  The data forwarding is technically the 
same and you can achieve the same results with either though.  Personally, 
I'm a fan of l2vpn the use of RSVP allows for more tidy configuration and 
bandwidth reservations.  I think l2vpn is a little easier to troubleshoot 
as well, however YMMV.


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[j-nsp] l2circuit or l2vpn
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What are the major differences between l2cirucit and l2vpn in terms of
Juniper JUNOS. Which is best in replacing Cisco L2TPv3 pseudo-wr.

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