[j-nsp] Add vlan to multiple interfaces on EX series

Malte von dem Hagen mvh at hosteurope.de
Thu Jul 2 17:23:42 EDT 2009


Bjørn Tore schrieb:
> Actually HP has a quite smooth approach there;
> HP-switch# con
> HP-switch(config)# vlan 11
> HP-switch(vlan-11)# tag a5-a7,a18-b2

that's similar to the way Foundry does it. Still bad style, since VLAN tagging
when talking about port-based VLANs is an attribute of the port and should be
configured there. Always suckz when you check interface configuration and have
to look up VLAN stuff somewhere else :-)

Further, I'm not quite sure what happens when you mix both possible ways of
defining VLAN membership in JunOS. :-)

Furthermore, an "interface range" config scope would be helpful for many more
things than VLAN membership - actually, it would help with all port-related

Of course, you can use simple shell script helpers to create config statements,
or use the scripting capabilities of JunOS itself to do bulk operations.


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